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delivering babies via Durant,OK

Since November 1st, I have been living in Durant, OK. today, I wanted to drive away and never come back… For the last three months, I have been on my CORE rotations at MCSO, this little hospital in town – … Continue reading

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inane laughter

more often than not lately, I’ll be doing something particularly strange/hilarious and I will bust out into maniacal laughter relishing in my goofball ways. and for some reason, it is in those moments that I always feel the loneliest. I … Continue reading

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nsfw, or why the differences between men and women are so attractive.

i’m a pretty regular follower of all things twitter; in fact, i actually like my twitter more than my facebook+all other social media┬ácombined. one of the people who i follow, a lady whom is like me, in that she is … Continue reading

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three little words

okay, not those three little words, but the other 3, the three words you’ve used your entire life, the three words that you give up when someone asks, “if you could use three words, describe yourself.” my whole life I’ve … Continue reading

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i think i need to change the tagline of this silly little blog i’ve got here. it says “tapping through life one med school test and BAKED good at a time…” it is a lie. well, only one part of … Continue reading

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hi. i’m┬ábaaacccccckkkkk!!! yeesh… it took long enough! i totally did NOT blog everyday this summer. sorry I suck, but I am back and devoted. my brain is too full of other crap not to write some of my thoughts down…. … Continue reading

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bad blogger

I promised that I would blog everyday this summer. I lied. Okay well it wasn’t exactly a lie, more like a strong statement made that I didn’t hold myself to. Oops! but I have good material talk about, my life … Continue reading

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“Pottawatomie County”

bad weather can upset me worse than almost anything. and, apparently today has the perfect conditions for severe storms (read: tornados) I am petrified. let’s just hope that these storms don’t do anything terrible. the situation in Joplin is bad … Continue reading

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I know that I said I was going to blog everyday this summer, and, I AM, I just needed to maybe better define the parameters of my summer! Summer for me started today, Monday, May 23. That is because today, … Continue reading

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the things i read

I once read that by the time you are 16, you will have met the person you are to marry. I’m just going to go ahead and call BULLSH*T. there is absolutely no way that by the time I was … Continue reading

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