delivering babies via Durant,OK

Since November 1st, I have been living in Durant, OK. today, I wanted to drive away and never come back…
For the last three months, I have been on my CORE rotations at MCSO, this little hospital in town – better known for it’s appearance on 60 minutes. I spent the first month on Internal Medicine, the second month on ICU, and this month I am on the OB service. I love OB. really, I like the GYN surgeries best, but I think maybe, just maybe, I could do OB for the rest of my life? (I’m stupidly still one of those medical students undecided on her future career.) anyway today has just been the pits….my attending’s main goal in life is to ruin my day [well, that’s the way he makes me feel] and today he succeeded. okay so its not like he is the only thing controlling the outcome of my day, but there are other things going on that are occupying my thoughts/emotions/time/give-a-shit. and for some reason all of the stuff just piled up right on top of each other right at the same time and I wanted was to go home (to my apt in Tulsa) and get in my bed and stay there for about three days. {I know, I know, running from your issues solves nothing, but I’m exhausted and I just don’t have it in me to ‘deal’ right now}

whatever, all of that is immaterial in comparison to what happened about 35 minutes after I was deep in my pity party wallow. we had a delivery. it was amazing.

here’s the story: one of the other OBGYN’s on staff is amazing and has let me deliver most of his patients’ babies this month. We had this adorable young couple in for the delivery of their second child, a baby girl. I don’t really have the whole back story, but with the first delivery, the Doctor let dad deliver baby. This Doc has been working for 35 years and is super encouraging with dads that are interested in being active participants in the delivery of their children. However, on this particular delivery, not only was I delivering the baby, I was to be instructing dad on how to deliver. “If you can teach dad how to do this, then you’re an expert” said the Doctor in his thick Spanish accent. I was more than a little terrified, to say the least… but let me tell you, it was amazing. Mom was a champ, and after about three pushes, there was the head: all dark hair and fresh potential. Dad was beside me, fully gowned and gloved, I was gowned and gloved, and standing at the head of the bed was Doctor hollering, “support his hands!!!” So Dad, with my hands under his, delivered his daughter, and it was miraculous. I’ve never felt so much joy in one single room. Dad (with my hands still under his) laid baby on Mom’s chest and they both just stared. The looks of awe and love on their faces, tears welling in Daddy’s eyes, the biggest happiest smile on Mom’s face, witnessing that moment, it was absolutely indescribable….

needless to say, OB may be my calling, just as long as every delivery is always that easy, exciting, and joyful! (one can hope, right!?)

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