kick in the heart

sometimes I like to emotionally mistreat myself, and while the article I’m linking to doesn’t really hurt, it makes me feel things in a way I don’t usually feel… and I love it.

the article that makes me feel.

I love this article, I love the man that wrote it, I love how much he feels and the way that he expresses it. everything about this is beautiful and heartwrenching and so many things I can’t even begin to express.

fave quote, “On the way, my oldest kid kept demanding I change the radio station to whatever station was playing “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson. I hate you, Kelly Clarkson.” it perfectly sums up his on-edge-i’m-going-to-stab-everyone-i-hate-ALL-the-things emotional state, and it’s so raw. While I’ve never experienced anything like what he went through, in that moment, with that statement, I completely and totally understand what he is feeling. and it makes my heart just react.

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