saucy (salsa)


I’m back and I’m taking a page from this girl and am going to start adding random recipes/kitchen happenings to my bloggittyblog.

anyway, I found this recipe on pinterest (the best thing to EVER happen to the world) and have been itching to make it! SO, during a study break this afternoon, I finally made it!

here is my variation of the cast of characters:

(as you can tell, I decided to take pictures AFTER, so some of the stuff has already been used. oops!)

Since I HATE HATE HATE anything spicy, I decided to use MILD rotel, and NO jalapeno, UNlike the recipe stated (though the photo would prove otherwise on the jalapeno issue, I’ll explain that in a minute). Also, I didn’t want to buy fresh cilantro, so I used dried, and I think it tastes just the same! Plus, I didn’t have to worry about it spoiling! Oh, and the minced-for-me Garlic – the stuff in the large green jar – is the greatest thing EVER! I always have some in my fridge/pantry, it’s invaluable!

I threw everything (MINUS the jalapeno) into my lovely blender, and turned that puppy on! Voila! delicious restaurant style salsa:

I filled one jar with about half of the total amount of salsa that was in the blender, and labeled the top with MILD.

Then, I threw in a jalapeno that I’d only cut the top off of because I wanted to keep the seeds/spines to really spice up the left over salsa (oh, and because I’m terrified of getting jalapeno in my eye, so I wanted to avoid touching it)! I turned the blender back on again, and voila!

I am going to give the jar labeled SPICY to this lovely lady, so her tastebuds can burn!

anyway, ENJOY!

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2 Responses to saucy (salsa)

  1. doforyou says:

    you know how i like things that taste like burning… that looks delicious!

  2. I just tried the spicy one Hales! It’s delish! Natalie… fantastic post!

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