i think i need to change the tagline of this silly little blog i’ve got here. it says “tapping through life one med school test and BAKED good at a time…”

it is a lie.

well, only one part of it is a lie… it’s the baking part. (i started tap again yesterday!!! yay!!)[oh and i’m still definitely in medical school…the tests will never end.]

so anyway, back to the lie: I am on a Baking Hiatus. it was enacted recently after I made ANOTHER horrid cake.

really this baking strike centers around my inability to bake a decent cake, or pie for that matter (there have been some fiascos there too). See this problem began over the summer when I decided that I would UP my baking game to see what I was capable of, and unfortunately, on my first attempt out, I think I hit my high point:

see, i made this pretty rose cake (that took 3 days, but was TOTALLY worth it… i mean, look at that work of art!)

and look at the inside…


boom. i win at life.

SO anyway, that night I also made Creme Brulee, chocolate mousse in chocolate cups, and a lime blueberry tiramisu…

  it was pure epic deliciousness.

HOWEVER, after that, things just went downhill.

Next I made a lemon merengue pie that the MERiNGUE FELL OFF OF?!?!? what?! i make badass meringue, so it hurt my soul that it fell apart. then I made an apple pie, and it was pretty decent, except the CRUST was gummy… ew.

then I went back to cakes, and for a friends birthday, I made this monstrosity:

it is supposed to be the ‘berry chantilly’ cake from whole foods, and it turned out pretty okay, except the vanilla sponge cake turned into some awful dry horrid angel food cake. it was weird and gross and i think people were judging me.

THEN, i made what is, what will always be, the WORST dessert I’ve ever made in my life. i’m not even going to justify the dessert by naming it, but i will say i HAD TO MAKE THE CAKE TWICE. (you have no idea how embarassing that is to say… i’ve never had to REDO something mid-recipe)

After the latest fiasco, I decided I would go on a baking hiatus, try and step away from the HATE that I was baking, and focus on different foods, maybe try and regain my mojo! unfortunately, after awhile, I got bored and decided to make another cake…

 (please excuse the photo..)

i’ll just say this, the cake came from a box (shame) and the icing melted (disgusting). SO, i’m back on the hiatus… I don’t have any other choice, I can’t keep putting so much effort into the stuff I make and continue to get no pleasure from it. it just stresses me out… real bad.

so for now, I’ll just be “tapping through life one med school test at a time…” i think it’ll just be better this way…

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1 Response to tagline…?

  1. Mmmmmmmegan says:

    Let’s make pie together. I win at pie. I’ll take you along with me.

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