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three little words

okay, not those three little words, but the other 3, the three words you’ve used your entire life, the three words that you give up when someone asks, “if you could use three words, describe yourself.” my whole life I’ve … Continue reading

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Good Story

came across this story the other day… One evening an old man told his Grandson a story: He said, “There is a battle that goes on between two “wolves” inside us all.” “One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, … Continue reading

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i think i need to change the tagline of this silly little blog i’ve got here. it says “tapping through life one med school test and BAKED good at a time…” it is a lie. well, only one part of … Continue reading

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hi. i’m baaacccccckkkkk!!! yeesh… it took long enough! i totally did NOT blog everyday this summer. sorry I suck, but I am back and devoted. my brain is too full of other crap not to write some of my thoughts down…. … Continue reading

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