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Insight: Single Girl Status

So my Brilliant Med School Bestie Danielle had a bit of insight she felt like sharing with me today… I, of course, wanted to hear what she had to tell me, because typically everything she thinks up that applies to … Continue reading

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causitive associations

yea that title has nothing to do with anything. it’s just one of the 5millions terms floating around in my head today. I have developed a new, delightful, and dangerous addiction. The addicition is Anthropologie and I love it. My … Continue reading

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inspiration, or old dead guy talk?

sometimes I feel like I need to live my life from one inspirational quote to the next…. it’s like expressing your world in 140characters or less, only old dead famous people told you how you should be feeling, and there isn’t … Continue reading

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lately, I’ve been a bit boooyy crazy… it stems from this very nice looking young man that works for the IT deptartment at school. Literally, everytime he steps into the auditorium, I stop breathing for a second… {he even said … Continue reading

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better days are here again

I miss my friends.  I put up their pictures. and talked to them. and I feel so much better. My daddy is coming to visit Wednesday. I’m eagerly anticipating his arrival! I think I’m not so sad anymore. The sun is coming … Continue reading

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got it bad….

I have insomnia. I do. I’m sitting here in my bed all nicely showered and ready to fall asleep, and yet I can’t. It could be the caffeine I’m addicted to, or that I have a problem with my pineal … Continue reading

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midsemester life crisis

i am on a diet. i have lost almost 10 pounds. i failed a test yesterday. i just ate a candy bar. after eating 2 pieces of pizza. so I guess it’s true… you can take fat off the girl, … Continue reading

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Two in One

I’ve stopped studying. I’m not even pretending to anymore at this point. And I don’t know why. It’s not apathy so much as a genuine lack of caring. I mean, I’m sure I’ll care tomorrow, and I’m sure I’ll care … Continue reading

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My TypeA crazy competitiveness has reached an all time new level… I’ve become obsessed with beating myself at solitaire. It’s sick. I play it all the time, for hours. All I want to do is defeat my previous win streak … Continue reading

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