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woke up this morning…

with the most intense urge to cook! and bake! everything. I started with a simple easy to do chicken and rice soup… OMG. it is literally the absolute best thing I have ever eaten. hands down. I want to eat … Continue reading

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Last DAY!

LAST DAY! LAST DAY!! LAST DAY!!! Tomorrow is the LAST final!! And then I’m DONE! well at least until Jan7! And then I get to party like it’s 1999! Okay, It’ll probably be more a party like it’s 2nd semester … Continue reading

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change of attitude

so I wouldn’t call myself an overly religious person. I have my faith. and I think it’s strong, but I don’t flash it, and I don’t externalize it much… but right now I am praying harder than I’ve prayed in … Continue reading

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State of Despair

Studying for anatomy is really getting me down. all of the finals are taking me to a new low. I’ve realized that I haven’t actually LEARNED anything this semester….I’ve just crammed shit into my head. I’m sure I will do … Continue reading

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Highlighter Death Ground

I’m exhausted. And it’s only the beginning of the finals extravaganza. Not good. In other news… I killed another highlighter tonight. Not really sure what that says about me? Sleeep… Biochem… Anatomy… Oh my.

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well… it’s december!

I’m sitting here borderline freaking out about the fact that my first final is in like 3 days. WOW. how and when did it go from August 1 to december 1? OHH right, while I had my head stuck in … Continue reading

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